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Gift ideas to make dinner time fun for the whole family

Dinner time fun from our sponsors: 

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Dinner time gift ideas for babies, toddlers and children (or the young at heart):

Sitting around the dinner table altogether is a special time for families.

Several studies have proven that families who eat together at the dinner table each night may be healthier, more connected, and less stressed.

Dinner at home together can mean families eat more vegetables, eat less and talk to each other more. (don't believe me? read the studies cited below)

Starting this dinner time routine at a young age will help your family form a lifelong habit. To ensure the harmonious dinner together doesn't turn into a battle of the wills to eat 2 peas, I've searched out some fun plates, forks and spoons to help liven up dinner time (for kids and adults).

Fred and Friends Food Face Plate

Discover if your child is the next Pro Hart, or Pablo Picasso.

Fred Aeroplane Fork

Neeeeooow... sausages, meat, potatoes and carrots coming in for landing.

Loopa Gyroscopic Toddler Bowl

A cleverly designed bowl to keep the food off the floor. This brilliantly designed bowl allows your child some "I do it" eating time, without you having to clean up the entire bowl of cereal from the ground after it goes skidding off the high chair. This bowl is inspired by Saturn, a gyroscope and a wish to stop the food wastage after dinner time. It is dishwasher safe. The multiple ring system makes it possible for your child to hold the bowl or even carry it around without spilling any (hopefully). The inner bowl is weighted and attached to an outer ring which inturn is attached to an outer ring.

Illuminated Jetbib Feeding System

Combi Chopsticks Trainer Set

Are your children bored with using a knife and fork, why not try some chopsticks? They are an excellent tool for the child's dexterity and they change up the dinner time routine. There are many child-friendly chopsticks on the market to help them pick up their vegetables and noodles.

Fred Souper Spoon

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