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Wedding Planning

Good Tidings helps you plan your wedding from the proposal through to arriving home from the honeymoon.

Ideas to make your wedding day run smoothly and be memorable for the bride, groom and guests.

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Latest Wedding Planning

Bridal Shower

Ideas for bridal shower games, themes, invites, food, gifts and attendees.

The Bridal Shower is usually hosted by the mother-in-law, nowadays though it is common for the bridesmaids to host the day. The shower can be themed, commonly as a kitchen tea to help the bride-to-be stock her pantry and cupboards for her wedded life. Other ideas are a wine cellar tea to stock the wine rack with red, white and sparkling for the married couple to toast to their happy wedded life together. Linen parties can help stock up the cupboard with towels, tea towels, sheets, pillow cases and blankets for the newly married couple.

Bride and Groom emergency kit

This emergency bag should be prepared by the bridesmaids for the bride. The bridesmaids should ensure the groom has tissues or a handkerchief to offer the bride when emotion overwhelms her (or her... Read More...


The Buck's night, or stag night is traditionally held to commemorate the last night of a man's single life.

Extra touches for a memorable Wedding Day

Deodorant and perfume in the bathrooms, love heart chocolates with coffee are just a few ideas to help make the day a perfect memory for the bride and groom and their guests. Read More...

Hen's Night

Hen's night, or hen's weekend is a popular event held at least a week before the wedding for the bride to be, her bridesmaids and close friends and family.

Kitchen Tea

The Kitchen Tea was traditionally held to fill the bride's kitchen for her first week's of married life. This was traditionally held by the mother-in-law and guests included important females in the bride-to-be's life. Now the kitchen tea might be organised by the bride's own mother, the mother-in-law, or the bride's bridesmaids.

Spring Wedding Ideas

Ideas for spring wedding flowers, styles and venues to make your spring wedding a memorable night for you and your guests. Read More...

Wedding Budget

Have the wedding of your dreams without a nightmare debt. Take tips from wedding experts and other brides about how to save money on your wedding, stay within you budget, AND most importantly stay true to your style and dreams.

Wedding Forums & Blogs

Get ideas for your big day from other wedding receptions and ceremonies. Read More...