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Groomsman Cufflinks

Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Centuries ago the Best Man and Groomsmen were picked for their abilities to fend off rival suitors and angry family of the bride on the wedding day. Now the men in the bridal party are expected to help the groom make it to the church on time, and sober after the buck's turn! Say thank you to your best man and groomsmen with these gift ideas.

Thank you gift ideas for your best man and groomsmen

  • Cufflinks  (to wear on the day).
  • Tie clip  (to wear on the day).
  • Tickets  to play golf at their favourite course.
  • Take your groomsman out to watch a game of sport.
  • Thank you card . Let the guys know how much you've appreciated their help leading up to the day, including planning the bucks do.
  • Bottle of wine  from a good vintage. If you are getting married at a winery you might give your bridal party wines from there.
  • Bottle Opener . A handy item they can use regularly and remember your wedding day.
  • Umbrellas. If you are holding your wedding in winter (or in Melbourne any time of the year) an umbrella might be handy for the groomsmen to save their bridesmaid from an unexpected or expected downpour. Black umbrellas will show up well in your photographs. And then the men can take them home with them. Best to pick long handled umbrellas. Added touch again can include the monogramming the umbrellas, depending on what quality you have purchased.

Or maybe get the Groomsman and Best Man personalised gifts for the wedding day?

Best Man and Groomsmen Cufflinks to wear on the day

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