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Wedding Dance Ideas Courtesy of YouTube

A sure fire way to burn a few hours in front of the laptop is to start looking for wedding dance ideas on YouTube.

To save a bit of time GoodTidings put together a list of a few favourites from the past few years.

A few tips to making one of these memorable bridal dance videos.

  1. Start with a slow standard bridal dance tune, classical waltz, Etta James' "At Last" or other romantic song then a minute in change it up, either with a record jumping sound or the sound of a CD jumping.
  2. Bride and groom stand around looking confused.
  3. Drastically different music comes on, regularly hip hop, the bride and groom look at each other, then the real dance starts.
  4. Record your dance
  5. Upload to YouTube and title the video "The Best Ever" or "The Original"

Bridal Waltz or First Wedding Dance as a way to lose weight for your wedding?

After watching over an hour's worth of First Wedding Dance YouTube clips it is clear that to pull off this type of dance at your wedding the bride and groom need to have practised before and need to be fit. It is an excellent way to lose a few of the kilos pre-wedding by dancing around your living room.

Original mix dance number by Max and Sara December 2007

This dance mix is very funny and imaginative and includes dance moves to Jive Bunny, Dirty Dancing, Grease Lightning, You're The One That I Want, YMCA, I Like Big Butts, Walk Like an Egyptian, The Chicken Dance, Can't Touch This, and many more. It runs for over 5 minutes so if you want to attempt this routine I'd recommend getting in shape (perfect if you want to lose a few kilos before the wedding).


And if you're wanting to include your bridal party how about this one titled America's Best Wedding Dance Crew?


This is fun, who wouldn't want to bring the robot into their wedding dance?

This one was shot in 2005, long before the YouTube Wedding Dance hype.


The fun dance taken from Dirty Dancing that caught the imagination of the world's media.

Oprah actually organised for this bride to dance with Patrick Swayze on her show.


This dance is for all the grooms that love Michael Jackson.

This is more a dance to highlight the skills of the groom on the dance floor (and congratulations to all brides who not only have a groom that loves to dance, but can dance well!)

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