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Gifts with a difference, quirky gift ideas and unique gifts

Gifts with a difference. You don't always have to give a gift someone needs or wants. Sometimes it is fun to think outside the box and give a gift that is quirky, fun, out of the box and unique.

  • For a first birthday make up an album of photos of the baby's first year. With captions against some of the images. Include newspaper articles from the year, including the birth announcement if possible. You can make this using a photo software package, or scrapbooking.
  • Give the gift of charity. Donating your money to charity in the recipient's name is a creative and heart warming gift that keeps giving. Sponsor a child for a year in the recipient's name, or donate the money to purchase a goat, (see www.worldvision.com or www.oxfam.org - Oxfam unwrapped sites for ideas).
  • A fish and a fish bowl (don't forget the food). It is a simple gift, but not so simple to transport. Keep that in mind if you are buying the fish in advance, or catching the train to the party. Or wander around the pet shop for another fun gift like a hermit crab, a spider or a Mexican walking fish.