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Gifts for friends trying to fall pregnant

Do you know a friend who is trying to get pregnant without any luck? Trying to fall pregnant can be tough on both your friend and their partner. To help bring a smile to your friend's face during this time here are a few gift ideas, some practical, some pampering and some just to help take their minds off what is a "trying" time.

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Gift ideas for friends trying to fall pregnant:

Relaxation Gifts and Pamper for friends trying to fall pregnant

Your friend has probably heard from doctors, nurses, family and friends, "just relax", "you need to relax", "reduce your stress", so instead of telling them what she and her partner already know, give them a relaxation or pamper gift to help her relax without heightening her anxiety by telling her to relax.

  • Herbal Tea gifts
    Red raspberry leaf tea is said to be a good tea to drink while trying to fall pregnant. It is thought to help tone the uterus and pelvic muscles and promotes fertility. Your friend should check with her doctor if she wants to continue drinking this throughout her pregnancy. Green tea is also thought to help with fertility.
  • Relaxing music and CDs
  • Aromatic candles
  • Pamper and massage voucher
    Massages for both the female and male can help improve blood circulation. Give your friend a massage voucher for her, or for the two of them, or take her for a massage with you as a girls day out. Or buy a massage how-to book and and some massage oils for some home massages.
  • Acupuncture voucher
    Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese treatment that may help promote fertility, and relaxation.
  • Yoga DVD or yoga lesson voucher
  • Meditation CDs
  • Lingerie . Having to perform according to an ovulation calendar can take some of the joy and spontaneity out of what should be a joyful time. Sex up your friend's "trying" with some sexy lingerie.
  • Spa voucher .
  • Procreation holiday voucher . Send your friends on a procreation holiday to a hotel in town, or by the beach. If that is a bit too pricey, get some other friends or family to pitch in. Add on a spa treatment to help them stay relaxed and carefree.
  • Flowers.
    Organise a bunch of flowers to be delivered to your friend's work or home just because.

Fertility symbols as gifts

Several cultures carve or create fertility symbols to encourage "baby making". Give your friends a gift to show them you are thinking of them while they are trying and that you want to show your thoughts. A few ideas include fertility jewellery, fertility statues from Africa, and fertility symbols.

Several meals within the Chinese New Year feast are symbolic for fertility.

Practical Gifts for friends hoping to fall pregnant

  • Water drink bottle
    A fun SIGG water bottle. When trying to conceive a baby women should be drinking 8 glasses of water a day. To help her reach her daily target give her a stylish water drink bottle. Maybe get another water bottle for her husband/partner too, he should be keeping well hydrated as well.
  • Bananas for boys
    If your friends are keen on conceiving a boy, give your friend a bunch of bananas. Studies have shown women that eat bananas while trying to fall pregnant have a greater chance of conceiving a boy.
  • Herbs that may help with fertility
    Chasteberry (Vitex and Angus Castus), Evening Primrose Oil, (some herbs help create healthy cervical fluid), Dong Quai, False Unicorn, red raspberry leaf, black cohosh.
    There are also herbs the male should be taking during this time to help with fertility, including False Unicorn, ginseng, maritime pine bark, saw palmetto, licorice, red clover, nettle, valerian, alfalfa, selenium.
  • Pumpkin seeds for the male . Men with low sperm counts may improve theirs stats by eating up to 1/4 of a cup of pumpkin seeds per day.

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Share your gift ideas, or presents you received from friends while trying to fall pregnant, add a comment...