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Flower Meanings - Say it with the right flowers

Meanings of some popular flowers included in bouquets and posies given as gifts.

  white and red roses Unity
  iris floral emblem of France, faith, hope, friendship, valour
  calla lily beauty
  ivy wedded bliss, fidelity, friendship, affection
  lily of the valley sweetness, humility, return to happiness, my life complete, gaiety
  camellia good luck, usually given to a male
  red roses romantic love, passion
  yellow roses joy, friendship, may also imply jealousy.
  white roses humility, reverence. Signify innocence and purity.
  light pink roses admiration, sympathy,
  rose buds youth and beauty, innocence of heart.
  sunflower sunshine, pride
  thornless rose Love at first sight
  tea rose I'll always remember you
  poppy eternal sleep, oblivion, imagination
  sweet pea goodbye, thank you for a lovely time
  forget-me-not true love, happy memories
  freesia trust
  gladioli sincerity, flower of the gladiators
  violet modesty
  mistletoe kiss me, affection
  orange blossom innocence, eternal love, marriage and fruitfulness
  orchid love, beauty, refinement, beautiful lady, Chinese symbol of many children
  tulip perfect love